Dec 11, 2016

I was on a radio show last month in LA. You have to choose eight songs from your youth. "The Charming mistakes of my youth" is a quote by Proust, and the host of the radio show, Susannah Tantemsapya, runs a NFP called Creative Migration — that is working tirelessly to set up an art centre in Bangkok.

The show starts with the song I had my first kiss to, and ends with the thwarted opportunity to lose my virginity! Unfortunately I editted the story of meeting the girl at the grape-picking festival in Nîmes. We'd seen her looking a bit forlon, sitting on the curb in the street party. Miles (an Anglais) and I struck up a conversation with her. One thing led to another, and we were making out in a doorway. I was wearing a pair of light chinos from Jigsaw; I had become aroused and my cock had become stuck at an unnatural angle in my trousers. Which was fine, but <> a French guy started yelling about it to everyone on the street. Later Louis, the winemaker, asked me if I understood what he'd been saying? I hurriedly said I had, but... I had not.

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