Dec 11, 2016

Best New Friend of the Year!

I met so many great new people last year, I wanted to recognise them.

Best chef . . . . .  Nikolai Mage

I used to know of Nik as a romantic rival, and tbh I was a bit scared of him. But that was before I experienced his hospitality! He is delicious.

Biggest comeback, Best gig buddy . . . . .  Paul Markham

Paul was a record store clerk when I was a strung out 21 year-old. He put me on to various chillwave artists, but I'm ashamed to say I blanked him when he were stuck on the same bus together, later that year. I was so happy to run into him at Jessica Pratt and did not make the same mistake twice. Paul is probably the nicest guy in the world.

The Superfriend, Biggest bromance,  Best work mate . . . . . Peter Satro aka the Magic Tiler

Peter said of me, "You are exceptional", after we worked on a project together. Polish is Peter's native tongue, and I think he meant "I'm the  exception to the rule", but I'll take it!

Best four-legged . . . . . Ralph

Best international . . . . . The Falks

The Falks run this great guesthouse in the French countryside.
It is the first time I have given two cheek kisses to a man, saying goodbye to him.

Best new family member . . . . . Karen Dryden

There's a Dryden facebook group, for the Dryden diaspora. We all got sent DNA tests and it turns out Karen's husband is our relative. Our families lost touch following a Victorian family feud. Karen messages me more than my own family do.

Best local . . . . . The Auckland Public Library as personified by Karen Issell (aka Kissy.)

How good is the Library? On my birthday I got my favourite book (the story of the Hacienda nightclub) out from Devonport library, after bungling the ferry to Waiheke.

Best meeting story . . . . . Angharad Summers & Crazy Alek

Crazy Alek asked if anyone wanted a free flight to Melbourne, over NYE? Because Angharad had  booked a flight from Auckland, but was flying from Chch.
I met Alek at a bar; the girl I was with brushed past his chunky knit, fox-red sweater. Naturally he asked if we wanted to have a threesome with him?

Best friend in a supporting role . . . . .  Stanley Wells

I ran into the former friend I'd hate most to run into, at a supermarket. I was out with Claire and her infant, Stanley. Suddenly Stanley was getting a lot of 'me' time, while we dodged the former friend. What a low-life. she lightly shoved Stanley's pram as she left the supermarket! Stan you were invaluable.

Special mention to

Jen Bourgogne, Isobel Croot, Jovanka Hall, Ayisha Jaffer, Danielle Jelleyman, Zoe and Erin Kenzie-Benbrook, Jason Morris, Terry Painter, Katherine Parnell, Vanessa Scott, Naomi Spungen, Kingston Trinder, the Thompson family, Dedee W, Sally Wells, Marcus Warren.

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