May 2, 2016

Jess Francis at 'internet dating support group'

We had another 'internet dating support group' hang the other week. The guest speaker was Jess Francis. This is is one of her works, two banners that she hangs up in public...

Jess just hangs them up, and doesn't give any explanation. I like how 'cry if you want to' could be taken two ways — "it's your party & you can cry if you want to", or "perhaps you can choose not to cry?"

This was hung up in Shed 10 — visitors wondered who was getting props?

Jess said she'd been online dating and a few guys she matched with knew about her work. One suggested a date where they met up but didn't talk. Because they didn't talk, it was hard to make a plan of what to do when they did meet up, so Jess started leading him on a tour of her old haunts around Grey Lynn, in the rain. They ended up visiting a pet store; it got kinda complicated when a chatty sales assistant approached them... and neither of them would let themselves talk to them.

Unfortunately they never made it to the second date, although one had been planned. On it they were only allowed to communicate via songs on mix cd's they'd prepared earlier. So divine, but you gotta be a bit pragmatic some times and use your words.

More about internet dating support group here.

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