Apr 7, 2016

crazy summer : wrong way in the fast lane

Not long after I'd first started dating someone, last year, I was swimming in a lap pool. I jumped in, followed the person in front of me, and 20 seconds later collided with another swimmer. Turned out I was in the fast lane,  going the wrong way. 
Like the last time I hurt myself, exercising, I tried to carry on like nothing had happened. When I got out, my mate told me I was still bleeding.
I was meeting up with Anna later that night, and txt'd her about the finger nail scratches on my forehead. She's a trainee nurse and asked if I wanted a nurse to come and look at it? ;)
When she started ghosting, a few weeks later, I sent her a pic of a scratch on my torso I'd got from swimming with
(a bit of a joke on the sxting/pxting). And then another cut on my hand I'd got from swimming past an oyster field. 

We msg'd a couple of weeks after breaking up, and she msg'd me to say that she was seeing someone new. She felt our friendship could move forward now she'd told me. I told her I was glad she'd told me, because the openess/honesty/realness between us was something I'd missed. She said she just hadn't felt her real self around me. 
Near the end of this msg conversation, I was looking for an emoji to send her. For no reason in particular, other than it being summer, I sent :
 She said, 'don't swim the wrong way in the fast lane'... 

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