Mar 22, 2016

crazy summer : dog walking disaster

So we did an event a few months ago called 'dog walk dating.' At the time we were presenting it, I said: 'people meeting each other, and going on blind dates with dogs... so it's as easy or as hard as that.'

Turns out it was quite hard. I had been counting on a few partners, or 'dog legs', to support our project. The Blind Foundation was unable to supply the dogs because they thought the labradors would be 'confused.' Do Good Dating couldn't supply any of the 3000 singletons on their database because (?) their goodwill doesn't extend to helping other dating projects. Two legs down, the remaining two legs were our staff of volunteers, and the Bar. I saw alcohol playing a crucial role in the project. Daters got a free drink with every ticket, and the staff were paid in booze. We managed to cobble together a Bad News Bears of dogs, so once finally our dog had three legs again...

Unfortunately one of those dog legs became quite shakey. The bar manager gave me a call the afternoon of the first night (of four.) There's always a bit of a delay on my phone, because it only works on speaker phone. 'He's ignoring me...', she said to someone. 'Hi bar manager,' I said.

The next night I picked up two of the glasses and brought them back to the bar. The bar manager, smoking a cig, said, 'Don't do that. It's my job and I get paid to do it.' We were running a four night tab for the staff&free drinks, and I guess she was quite worried I wasn't going to pay it at the end. Did I understand that there were only seven more free beers from our sponsor, Brothers Beer?

I posted some photos of the Friday night. What is wrong with this picture?

Any bar manager could tell you that it shows a guy holding a drink outside the bar barrier...

I paid the bar tab (which eclipsed ticket sales) on the last night, and went back a few days later to pick up the IceBlocks. I'd asked the bar manager if she wanted to buy these off us at cost, since they stock them? 'I can get them cheaper from the supplier,' she said. As per our agreement she kept a third of whatever we brought into the bar, anyway. The event started at 7pm every night, so I ended up ordering everyone pizza, so they could work and have dinner. The bar manager told us that technically she could have taken a third of our pizzas, but since I offered it around, she didn't.

As I was taking the Iceblocks away I said,
'Thanks - I know this hasn't been an easy event to put on, dogs'n'all.'
'It's always going to be hard, first week back. Are you going to do it next year?,' the bar manager said.

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