Feb 23, 2016

care package for Jean

Last week we made a care package for Jean, who had had a really shitty experience at this year's Laneway. The care package was a collab with Russell Brown, who got tix to the upcoming Auckland City Limits festival for Jean and her friend. The National is going to be playing. Madman entertainment kindly donated a selection of DVDs including the excellent, Mistaken for strangers. There were also donations from mixitup.co.nz and cheeseontoast.co.nz.

The National tickets and DVD reminded me of when they played Vector in 2013. It was a Mon or Tues night, so the crowd was quite low energy, but when I saw Matt (the singer) giving so much I left my friends near the back of the room, to get closer. I settled at in the middle of the crowd, when I couldn’t see a way thru without pushing.
A minute later I got a tap on the shoulder. A guy said to me ‘Err, we came here as a group, and you’re standing in the middle of our group.’ I shrugged my shoulders and moved a few paces forward... to what must've been the front of their group. When I got there, a woman said to me, ‘how fucking tall are you?!?! We all paid the same price, mate!’ (Actually I had paid half price ;) ) I felt so self-conscious, but also indignant, mostly gigantic. I found a tall guy, off to one side, and cosied up behind him. Imagine my delight later in the set, when Matt did his trademark move : he jump into the crowd with the microphone on a long lead, and made his way thru the group ;)

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