Jul 14, 2015


Yesterday, I was with a friend at Dick Smith's - she was looking at stereos. A salesman approached us, and led us to a large speaker. He pulled out his phone and serenaded us with this:

Can you imagine 1.20 in Dick Smith's, on a pumping stereo?

We started looking at another stereo. Thinking out loud, Alice asked, 'Can I please buy this?' He was like, 'yes, I would be more than happy to sell you this.' The stereo was $250. But then something unexpected. The salesman asked Alice to name her price. 'But don't say 40 bux!' Alice offered $149, and he said, 'no way!' Apparently 'name any price' means 'take 10% off'. But the salesman said 'I wouldn't buy it for that', so met in the middle at $200.


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