May 19, 2015

men behaving badly

I saw a few shockers last weekend. I was waiting to pay at Ken Yakitori. The party ahead of me was disputing the bill, the last guy in line was going to be charged for the corkage some of his friends ($8ea.) One of his mates came to see what was going on, and joked out loud, 'you should just leave.' At one point the guy who owed the restaurant picked up the calculator and started working out what he 'should' pay. He kept thrursting a $50 note towards the servers, and saying to the customers sitting near him, 'see! I'm trying to pay!' At one point they turned around to me and said, 'sorry about this. ' Jerks! they ended up just walking off without paying so they could make their dumb-ass 10 o'clock comedy show.

The next night were were int he second to back row at comedy - three new acts, as a show. The first guys wasn't great, although attributing Cross-Fit to Jesus is a good one. So these 22 year-old guys behind us started making Chewbacca noises, and generally dumb shit. The second act, was great : a ukelele duo doing songs about Tamati Coffey and 'no anal of a one night stand.' The third act was pretending to be a jellyfish in a box, one of them said, 'show us your jellyfish box.' I'd had such a progressive comedy festival, deep comedy-cum-theatre. But dicks need to laugh, too. Anyway when it ended, we looked behind us and the 22 year-olds were bald and 50. The sound person stopped them on the way out; we didn't overhear any of that, just one of them saying to the other, 'you were funnier than all of them', outside.

On the up side - I was trying to buy tickets to a sold out performance at the Readers&Writers festival. I tried buying tickets that hadn't been picked up, both at the ticket desk and the door. At the other door, the guy just let me in. I tried to give him some cash, but that just got a bit awkward. On the way out I looked him in the eye and said, 'thanks ! that was amazing.' He looked a bit sheepish. Umm, was that his boss standing besides him?

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