May 11, 2015

Cloud Workshop

Last Sunday I was assisting at Cloud Workshop - a crafternoon set up by photographer Deb Smith for bereaved children. A visiting artist directs the class, which is made up of around 20 kids aged 5 - 16, and there are about 10 adult assistants.

John Reynolds was leading this workshop, and was encouraging the kids to draw patterns over ships, inspired by 'dazzle ships'. They started off drawing on their own small ships...
And finished the workshop by collaborating on a giant boat. Note the seagull on the gun turret, lol...
There was a moment when one of the kids was asking for help to draw a Ford Mustang - it turned out he was drawing it because he used to ride in one with his dad. There was only a brief mention of what all the kids had in common at the start, so it was easy to forget that it was anything other than one of the best art classes I'd ever witnessed.

Later the same kid was working with Sharon (another volunteer) & I on the badge table. He was saying he's not good at cutting, and asked me to cut something out for him. Sharon was urging him to give cutting out a go. He was like, 'no, I'm not good at anything.' I said, 'you're good at telling people what to do.' I meant it in a good way - I wish I could be that assertive!  Sharon said, 'one day, you might be the foreman?' He left the badge table with badges for Africa #badgering.

If you can donate art materials or want to volunteer for next time, look up Deb!

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