Sep 23, 2014

ring, ring! beer mug

This is a recreation of the beer mug that I left outside my School's ball, many moons ago. I wanted to get my drink on before the ball - I wanted to be charming to my date for the four hours of the ball, and thought booze might help.

I took my brother's beer mug along with me, to help the process. It had a bike bell with a four leaf clover on it. But no luck, I started vomiting down the bus on the way to the Ball, I got into the Ball, but ended up under a table.

My ball date, a really beautiful girl who had been invited to another ball that night & had accepted my offer, walked home in her ball dress. In the middle of winter. I took her flowers in the morning - more accurately I took her Dad flowers, because he was the one who opened the door, quickly dispensing with me.

I went to retrieve the beer mug after that, from the venue. But... it was gone.

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