Jul 1, 2010

dear Yolanda:

hi Yolanda, how are you?

I'm not sure I'm able become a donor. I'm still thinking about it, but at the moment it is quite a daunting prospect for me. Daunting isn't quite the word, perhaps I'm just becoming aware of the 'wonder of creation', and what a big idea it is to pass on one's DNA. My feelings might change once I've had more time to think more about it.

I'm moved that couples can't conceive, and would like to help them. There is one way I think I can definitely do that. My background is in advertising, and advertisers often do pro bono work for worthy organisations.

I would be happy to come up with a few ideas to recruit donors, and pitch them to you. I have a friend with an ad media company and he may be will to provide the advertising space at a free or discounted rate. I also run a Facebook group with 250 members, I could send out an email about donation to its members. These ads wouldn't need to be branded with Fertility Associates, if discretion is important to the company. some of my work is here and here.

Otherwise I can suggest an ad agency who might be interested in taking Fertility Associates on as a pro bono client. I have a friend at Colenso, a big agency in Ponsonby.

In any case thank you for taking the time to see me last week. I hope you have a refreshing holiday, wherever you're going.


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