Jul 25, 2010

Dear Jessica:

hey Jessica:

just wanted to say thanks for having Sb at the art fair. if anything it was too successful, but our claustrophobia is a tribute to what a good job you did on promotion. i wish i'd got around to see a bit more of the other people's stuff, but i'm glad i can still look them up on the blog on lazy Mondays like this. great job on getting so many talented people together, it must have been a massive amount of organisation.

one idea for next time (surely you'll be doing it again, it was such a success?) could be to do a 'secret Santa' exchange between stalls, just a small gift exchange between exhibitors.

if you get a chance, can you please pass on Dear Colleen's email? strangely, i can't find it on her site. maybe only people who buying something get to talk to her, very clever, haha.

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