Jun 15, 2010

dear Katherine:

you can & YOU WILL. 4:1, i like those odds. i have attached your entry tickets. i like how your eyes are skyward, no matter what orientation the photo is in. for parachutes. don't worry, i won't inform any of your competitors about your audacious plan.

in the event that you  . . . what am i talking about, you are going to win. i believe in your daring. not only this, i am sure you would look stunning in the dress.

you can pay by paypal, NZ$75 (it's about US$60) to   ilovedrus@gmail.com  . would you like me to send you an invoice?

congrats on your book deal. i was thinking of taking anti-depressants earlier in the year. i've never taken them or many other mood-enhancing drugs, but am of a literary disposition. i told my room mate i was thinking of experimenting with anti-depressants or ZUMBA, and writing about either. he told me he had taken antidepressants as a moody teenager but they had no effect on him. from memory he was immune to something else. he has distinguished white hair at 29. anyway i went with ZUMBA.

if you keep a blog of your progress with the book, let me know. i know a couple of neuroscientists if they could advise you on any brain chemistry. one of them is going against you in the dress raffle, even though she already owns one. is it daring to have a second parachute, in case the first doesn't open? or perhaps she just wants to have a sassy answer to "what colour is your parachute?"

thanks so much for entering, you daredevil in a blue dress.


ps  i will send out a full history of my connection to the dress before the draw.

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