May 31, 2010

Dear Jessica:

I do have one question actually.

Do you know about this? it's an annual event in London. the designers don't sell their products, rather they think of an idea, performance or interactive experience to put on for the day.

i was wondering if we might be able to turn my half table into an Sb experience, and sell Sb products around it. one idea we had was to show some rom-coms at our table and charge for watching.

this would mean either having a TV or projector on the table, and three chairs in front or behind it. which could be a logistical problem, i guess. would we need to get a full table if we wanted to do this idea?  no worries if you'd prefer it if we stayed with a more traditional stall. i think the rom-com idea, or anything else we came up with, could be an interesting twist on the classic.

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