May 31, 2010

Dear Gordon:

i'm thinking of getting some photos printed onto pillowcases.
would i be able to print the whole of the pillow case, right to the border, or would it be better for you to leave a small white border around the outside of the pillow case? or even to leave a bleed so it prints beyond the outline of the pillow case?

as ever with my stuff, these sort of details don't really bother me aesthetically, i'm just interesting in finding the simplest way to get an idea made.

this is the Bless pillow case again,
the fabric's probably been printed, then sewn on this, right?

the idea for this one is to print two pillowcases that join up into a picture of a couple. in this case it's Marc & Lin who just got married. see attached. this idea is part of my collection of wedding gifts.

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