Oct 21, 2009


In the week you came to stay:

I was at my friend's dad's funeral
had to complete a major assignment
had a week long flu

. . . yet the main thing I did was look after you.

If you ever develop any empathy for other people, you'll understand how a relationship with an incredibly self-centred person can sour very quickly. if you re-read your email you'll find that it is exclusively about you: because that's the only person you seem capable of thinking about.

do you remember that chow-chow puppy down at the markets. the owners told you it didn't like people and were dismayed that a woman had kissed it on the lips. this is just before you  went in for the kiss, just one of many examples in the short time i knew you of your total inability to see anyone else's perspective.

grow up.


Drus Dryden

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