Oct 19, 2009

memory reminder - Rebecca

I've been thinking long and hard about your memory reminder.


That time David came onto that girl and then she shoulder barged him, and then Tommy got pissed because she called him a "faggot."

It's probably the time that we were in the kitchen with Fabi, she was "dropping information" on us friend-talkers. i noticed that you had gone silent, much like an American Eagle before she swoops. and i thought to myself:
"Fabi, do you know that Rebecca could crush you with her little finger? Or pinky, as they say in United State. Don't mess with New Jersey." The memory is your grittiness, your determination, your wild American spirit!

really there are too many memoirs, i thought about saying the first time i saw you, across a smoky bar in a smoky town in a smoky country.

do you remember the time you kissed the side of the train when Theresa was leaving?

NO! the way you talk about your German boyfriends shorts.

NO! NO! it's the time Jeff Miller found the condom wrapper on his kitchen floor and thought that Terry-Dean was cheating on him.

also the time you went partying when you were meant to be starting at the iufm. busted!


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