Oct 20, 2009

hi Emily:

hi Emily:

i'm trying to look thru your site to work out things that i could stock in my store. . .
this is the FB group if i haven't sent it to you already:

i was trying to think of things i could sell that sensitive boyfriends could buy for their girlfriends etc., like jewelry or something.

then i saw the parachute dresses, i'm still totally in love with them. i remember the time you offered to lend my Swedish girlfriend it for our wedding . . . you obviously hadn't seen her drink before :)

do you still have any left? how much are they? i guess it'll be party season in November in NZ, so there's a good possibility it could sell. is sizing really important with them? i can probably only afford one, would a size 10 be a good bet?

hope you're good.

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