Oct 20, 2009

from Rebecca:

My first memory of you is not in the bar at all..it has been inserted later because you said so and Sarah made some mention of you and Carmelo talking about thongs and how you were 'wierd'
After that your name was mentioned a few times (by Sarah) and I kept wondering if there was a 'Y' (Druys)somewhere in your name, and if your name was derived from some sort medieval torture device...
My first memory of you was sitting in 'la Poste' liked you owned the place, looking lanky, strange and gorgeous despite of your denim shorts
and Sarah calling me over saying 'Rebecca THIS is Drus' like I should have known all along...I was feeling cold and wretched and had no interest in meeting handsome strangers...until of course you stuck it to Sarah by expressing your affection for your lady Tammy...
Me: Oh Hey, I am Rebecca
You: I know (tone: coy and flirty or possibly annoyed)
Me: (raised eyebrows)
..... you and Sarah talking about Tammy....
Sarah: You don't really like Tammy do you?
You: Tammy, mmm she's all woman
Sarah: (some sort of expression of disgust)
Me: 'Don't mind Sarah, she thinks all the boys should
      crush on her'
In one move you managed to defend Tammy and mask any true feeling for her, get a dig at Sarah and flirt with us...
In that Post office in that miserable french town I fell in love...
true story

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