Oct 25, 2009


omg what a crazy day, but amazing too.

hungover from the business awards (omg have i not talked about those yet, either?)

i basically sat down with Lisa and she told me how she dropped out of her psych degree with one paper to go. that she didn't regret it. i told her about how i rowed at Henley because i thought i might otherwise regret it.

it makes so much sense, i haven't been in any way following the masters part of the masters. i've just been doing my own thing, using it like i wanted to use it as a year of doing my own thing. why should i waste any time writing the essay when i can keep doing that in January?

in a way i hope there's no Feb hand-in option, it is so elegant as it is. exactly what i wanted, work i'm proud of, feeling better & understanding more, and no painful viva or essay changes.

why didn't i think of this before?

Breakthru #5 this year:  that you can stop things that are hurting you whenever you want.

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