Jul 14, 2009

hi Zambesi:

My name is Drus, I'm an Art&Design masters student at AUT. My masters thesis is fashion based. I write a fashion blog in which I develop a number of 'autobiographical' products, and then for my end of year exhibition in October / November I am opening a pop-up store.

The store will be open for a week or so, and will feature products I have made, or ones that I can't live without. I am wondering about the possibility of stocking a couple of your amazing, brown, concertina-inspired Zambesi wallets?

I bought my first one when I was totally broke and had nothing to fill it with, but that's love. Then when that one got stolen last year, I was more concerned about losing the wallet than the millions (of drachma) in it.

I note they're going super cheap in the sale already, but is there any chance of offering me a wholesale price for three - five of them? A Zambesi student discount?

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