Jul 13, 2009

brief for my behaviour

I remember being offended when Duster told me to look at myself as a brand. I wanted to say: "I'm not a brand . . . I AM SPARTACUS."
1. I take things with grace. On that note, my fave words are legerit√© & composure.
2. I enjoy the struggle & don't expect things to be easy.
3. I promote positivity, love & understanding.
4. I don't engage in self-destructive behaviour, like jerking off to porn, or making myself over-tired, or worrying about something which is not my primary concern.
4b. I am not overly self-critical, I am what I am, which is good. 
5. I understand that it is about the journey, not the destination.
6. I love myself full stop
7. I am never too busy to smile.
8. I am valuable & should take time to look after myself.
9. It's going to be fine. 
10. I have got my back.

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