Jun 22, 2009

Hey Rosa:

Thanks again for the baking help. Pic of it in its presentation case att.

Taking the first bite 5 minutes reminded me of a chocolate bar they have in South Africa:

it's called "I'm sorry" and you're meant to give it as an apology. A family friend, André, had a massive family feud after his sisters sold their share in the treasured family beach house in South Africa. without offering to him, and without telling him. Subsequently his sisters were not invited to his daughter's wedding, which I managed to get invited to, when she married a South African apple baron (another story.) Of course they knew the wedding was happening and he was in town, so they sent across a "I'm sorry" bar. No note, not in person. I don't think the apology was accepted.

Anyway I think that chocolate bar is the commercialisation of the belief that being really super-cute excuses you for anything.

I guess the traditional way of enacting apology is punishing yourself. I'm about half way through the cookie by now in the email, and the sugar-overload is paralleling the cute overload of the giant cookie. Maybe instead of giving giant cookies as apologies, I should eat them! Maybe the exquisite sensual pain of eating a giant cookie, sort of feels a bit like being really, really sorry, that full-tide of emotion. Or maybe I should just be sharing my cookie with someone else. . .

Well nice to see you again, let me know about running & I'll let you know when the pop-up store opens, November sometime.

ps: something magical happened to the cookie during the night: it broke when it put it into the pizza box, like a giant cookie heart, but I pushed it back together and in the morning it had joined up again!


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