Jun 24, 2009

FSE the missing page


After a lot of champagne in Miami at the chandelier after-party with Sofia Coppola with my chandelier designer bosses I ended up back at the hotel at 3am. I decided to check my emails in the lobby.

The guy on the desk was asleep. Snoring loudly, about three metres away. Drunk and lonely, in a faraway town and reckless, only a solitary gay man with a beard (www.briankish.com) hitting on me all night, I started looking at porn.

It was about five minutes before another guy (the security guy who wasn’t asleep?) walked into the lobby, sat down and smiled.

This is the first time I’ve told this shameful? hilarious? shameful story.

I guess I used the same computer the next day to post the ad on craigslist San Francisco.
Other than the communal computer, may I recommend staying at the Astor next time you’re in Miami? www.hotelastor.com

I thought about putting this confession in Wingdings. But fuck it, it’s just the Internet. Who’s going to see it?

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