Jun 28, 2009

deleting on Facebook

I deleted 200 friends last night.

The criteria for staying on the team:

I have no other way of contacting you /
you have done something outstanding in our former time together /
I see you often in Auckland

Anyone in the middle? I am a man of extremes. If we wanted to hang out we would have done it by now. FUCK WOO.

It as much easier than I thought it would be.

Should I delete the girl I talked to for half an hour in 2000? No.

Bristophe? Delete, how gay can you be? Hey Madeleine come hangout with us, and bring your underage boyfriend. I always imagine Bristophe in my future, well fuckit, why not call the whole thing off? I don't have to go out to their farm, answer the phone, reply to emails. I am not bound by this, it ended years ago. Don't pretend it didn't. Don't worry about how awkward it will be. I imagine myself going out of my way to be affable, to make them think they should have gone my way.

They don't think that way, I did lots of shitty things, Christophe will never admit to her that he was cheating on her, she'll always hold me abusing her against me. Christophe will always go with the flow, I should accept it and not take it personally.

The problem is mine to end.

Madeleine Sharpe. I told her she wouldn't get deleted, but I was wrong.

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