Jun 21, 2009

Dear Nom*D II:

hi Margi.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I was assuming I'd have to buy them before I put them in the store, due to the fact that the store has such a limited lifespan. (And because this must seem like the Nigerian Nom*D wardrobe scam!)

Having said that the end of year exhibition has a lot of foot traffic and I'm endeavoring to sell everything that is in the store. So if you would consider providing any extra items on credit, I'd be very grateful. But I understand if you wouldn't be willing to do this with a retailer you don't know.

I would definitely want to stock these t-shirts in m or L:
The Skeleton
Beetle Blue
The Spade & the King or the Queen
Operation Tea Pot

Would you be able to offer me trade price on these?

I think it would make sense for me to also carry a pant, jacket and accessory. How would I see any other garments? Just by looking through your website look book? I thought maybe this would be a good way of selling samples and toiles? The store will be open in November if this would influence garment availability.

By the way I am not intending to offer any other labels in the store. I will be selling some of my vintage t-shirts, and a variety of other products I have made.

Thanks again & looking forward to your reply.

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