Jun 23, 2009


I saw Daniel at yoga the other day. He wasn't wearing Tae Kwon Do apparel this time.

It was a bit less weird than usual. I thought I did well, conversationally speaking. Although I did spend most of the 1.5 hour yoga session thinking of starters. Which means I may tend to initiate a fully prepared conversation before its time.

On the way down the stairs:
Me: "Will I be seeing you at Ghostface Killah?"
Him: "No. I was thinking that might be a good way to get stabbed. . . "
Me: "I guess you get enough of that 9-5. . .lol"
Him: "Nice to see you again."

No, it was fine.

The other prepared conversations:
"How is Stuart?", something else, who cares.

He got cornered in the locker-room by a yogi film-maker. Smooth line, "I don't have a business card."

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