Jun 6, 2018

behind the scenes

Behind-the-scenes for the ///peace sign pillow case/// photoshoot.
My pillow case designs have been copied, or someone's come up with the same idea. As a responses I thought I'd steal something else and pillow it. This design is a supersized print of a peace sign patch from The Belljar, a store in LA. "It's not where you take it from, it's where you take it to", whoever said that. Hopefully I'll be taking them to bed, for many blissful nights.
Special thanks to Paul Statham, such a great photographer. He's put up with so much of my BS over the years, including shooting me naked. And Sasha from the Belljar for meeting up with me, one year ago. She put up with a tonne of my BS. First off I canceled our first meeting on Friday. Then she took me to dinner, on Monday and I proceeded to download about all the uncomfortable situation I had put myself in, by canceling our plans on Friday. It was endless, inappropriate, and no way to introduce myself to a new person. It's a tribute to Sasha's grace and kindness that she put up with it, having had about 3hrs sleep, with a situation of her own. Sasha has a lot of style, like her beautiful store. Also thanks to Otto the whippet, you're always there for us, like Bez from the Happy Mondays.

Pillow cases are $20.

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