Mar 18, 2018

story from Playdates

For two weeks in Feb I was matchmaking couples to go to shows at the Fringe Festival. It was called Playdates. The survey had over fifty respondents, it's always a bit of a shock when something actually connects with people.

One respondent to the survey, Steffi, was on a bad run:

I helped a guy I'd been seeing move into his new place, paint his new room, put his bed together and then we had a talk... turns out they're not over their ex. THEN a guy I was hooking up with last year contacted me saying sorry for ghosting me cos he'd found a girlfriend. But they're open so if I wanted to "hook up or send some nudes that'd be rad."

I awarded Steffi a prize, which I announced via a group email to all the Playdates participants. Imagine my surprise when one of the guys said he was That Guy (effin' Auckland, and it's one degree of separation):

Hey Drus, Re: Prize winner #1, I'm pretty sure I'm the guy she's referring to - the one she helped move into the room, not the one who asked for nudes. I feel I do need to clarify: a) She didn't help put the bed together (in fairness she offered to, but I'd lost a piece so it didn't happen); and b) What I said was that I'd just gotten out of a very long-term relationship and wasn't really looking for anything right now — crucially different to not being over my ex. 
She very much did paint the shit out of my room though, which was super nice. Very grateful for that.
Thanks, Norm

Norm emailed Steffi about his dishonorable mention — so it did get them talking again. I told her that if Norm apologised, he could have a prize too. But she didn't rate their chances.

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