Mar 18, 2018

Zambesi match-made me with the new JW Anderson mens collection, and had a little heart to heart.


Who first taught you about love? 
My grandmothers. My Auckland Gran was fun. I loved her style, and lately I've been getting a few of her things reconditioned.
 My third Grandmother lived down the road from us when I was young. May and Jim were childless, so they adopted us as Grandkids. Once May got me to alphabetise all of the death notices she'd cut out of the newspaper. So many friends. Carpe effin' diem!
Our family dog? We had a dog genius growing up, a failed guide dog. Dogs show how simple it is. My form one and two teachers, Anne Hill and Jan Hardley, who nurtured creativity in their pupils.

Who was your first crush?
Oh gawd. I fell in love with my mum's friend (Barbara) at my mum's 40th birthday party. I was 6. I spent some of that night thinking about how to steal a kiss from Barbara, who had silver hair, in a bowl cut. 
Fifteen years ago Barbara had terminal cancer and was having dinner at my parents' house. I wanted to tell her how beautiful I had thought she was, that night. But I held back, again! Her husband, my dentist, was there. He is a bit suspect of me already, although he helped me make this at an appointment, once.

What do you wear to a first date?
I put heaps of thought into it, but all my clothes are well-loved rags. I hate it when I don't dress like myself, but I try to make an effort, out of respect. I once bought a Zambesi top for a second date — must've liked her!

Is it possible to care too much?
It sucks when someone needs to impress other people, but aren't that fussed about the opinion of a person who really knows them.

How do you get over someone?
Last year I asked Paul Thurlby (an English illustrator) if he'd customise one of his pictures for me? I told him I thought it would help me 'say goodbye' to an ex, (she is an art lover.) Paul replied, "an illustration won't help you, only time will."
I think you've got to be able to make anything fun, even painy breakups — like imagining pics about it! It just helps you thru another bit of it. If you can't be rich, be happy.
Another friend suggests talking to your parents, for heartache.

What's your favourite song lyric at the moment?
A friend recently gave me this Rolling Stones album. He has become a monk in Tassy, and had to give all his stuff away.

What's your prediction for the future of human interaction?
It's so important to find people who make you lol. I can see the internet making an art of people finding each other. But does the Internet know about Zsa-Zsa-Zsu? I heard about a Manhattan cab driver who would match make the hundreds of people who had got in his cab. I predict the rise of middle people to help us find each other.

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