Feb 11, 2018

movies or dessert?

The Basement Theatre and Sb are running 'Playdates', a matching service, during the Fringe Fest. Contestants answer a few questions, then get matched with someone else to go to a show from 17 February — 4 March. There's three comedies, one dance performance, and 'Fuck Rant'. Not sure how to classify FR, but it's by Nisha Madhan, so it will be good. You can sign up for a friend dates, as well as romantic matching.

The most philosophical question on the sign-up form: what is better, movies or dessert? Here are some of the thoughtful responses from the cast of Playdates...
Movies: They last longer and feel better at the end.

Dessert: because you get to have a conversation!

Dessert. Nothing wrong at all with movies, but I just like eating delicious things. This week I ate a dessert burger (donut/ice cream sandwich) without any regrets (gym tomorrow).

M O V I E S because they are way more interesting to tell your friends about.

Movies feed your soul.

You can match dessert with wine.

Both. Movies at home with a dessert. Fully indulgent. I’d probably go for a classic feelgood flick on DVD at home, and a slice of cheesecake or banoffee pie :) I don’t go to the movies much unless it’s something I reeeallly wanna see on the big screen. Cos I’m too lazy sometimes, and it’s pretty expensive.

Movies. Because Joey doesn’t share food!

Both have merits and are generally best served together, though if pushed I would say movies.

Dessert... because food is life.

Dessert prefer over any other meal

Would you like to meet the people behind these opinions? Sign up, see a show, meet someone new...

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