Apr 20, 2016

someone should do something lol

I've been on a dating break, but I glanced at Tinder, and saw Paloma. She likes whiskey, Mexican food, and is a 'sapiosexual' — she thinks the largest erogenous zone is the brain! Her fave hobby is sleeping — omg, same! Pal is 5'11'! Time for a comeback...

When I txt'd her it transpired we'd txt’d before. A couple of years ago, we'd almost worked together.

I asked her where her closest Mexican food was, and we made a plan. I put together an Autumn outfit, lots of browns topped of with a Sherlock Holmes hat.

I waved to her from the footpath. Paloma's eyes scanned down.

We got seated and I started blathering about the menu. She ordered a margarita. 'Do you like margaritas?' she asked. 'Yes', I said, and ordered a salad.

I have never met anyone with a more knowledgeable about film, apart from film nerds. She said she worked for a TV production company that is doing a dating show. 'You should apply for it!', she said.

Paloma told me she's very frank and open — 'ask me anything you want, and I'll answer', she said. Unfortunately I tend to respond to openness with my own outlandishness.
When the recent 'sex for accommodation in Auckland' scandal came up in conversation, I told her about the time I applied to be a 'houseboy' in London; I had hoped that just meant 'boyish-butler', but (to quote London Bertie, the guy who placed the ad) it means 'various personal, physical duties'.
Paloma said she was adopted, I told her that I had asked my parents if I was adopted as a 6 year-old. But... I recently found out that I'm definitely not adopted due to a DNA test. A guy in the States sent everyone the 'Dryden' (my last name) Facebook group the tests.
Paloma's dad is a Detective, but I don't think he has a Sherlock Holmes hat. Her dad had cased her new home she was about to move into, he'd met the neighbours even though she hadn't yet. Paloma mentioned she was divorced.

Anyway, we'd been sitting next to each other at a bar leaner; I was always turning to look at Paloma, or over her shoulder.
A good-looking guy approached us and said, 'Hi...hey...are you a couple?'
'No, we're just hanging out', I said.
My heart sank. Paloma is gorgeous, olive-skinned, and I sensed a Latin lover swooping. 'Well I'm from Argentina, I've been here 9 months. I noticed you looking at me and here's my number!' He said to MEEE!
We laughed and laughed. Paloma said I had officially made it into her collection of lol dating stories. These included a guy who started holding her hair mid-date — she loved it! — before storming out at the end. She had also met up with another Argentinian, once. It transpired that he couldn't speak English — he'd been using Google translate to txt her :(

I asked if she wanted to split the bill?

The next day I txt'd the Argentinian to say I was flattered, that I liked his style, and could I pass his number onto a friend? I called him an inspiration.
‘Back home, isn't that amazing, if someone is looking and you are looking more than enough, someone should do something lol’, Mariano said.

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