Mar 10, 2016

sex stories

I was on holiday with a couple of friends and one of their parents the other week. We were having drinks, talking about the health system. I can get pretty good buzz on from half a beer and decided to share:
"I went to a Sexual Health clinic last week - and they said I couldn't book an appt for till March 21 (a month away.)"
There was a pause, before Alice's dad  sincerely asked: "Why did you go there, Drus?"

A while back I had left a birthday party with a friend. I said to her, "The two guys we left there are bi..."
She said, "Really? I've been looking for two bi guys..."

I was making out with someone and saw a brush next to us; I picked it up, and went to brush her hair. She was like, 'what the hell are you doing?'

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