Mar 24, 2016

crazy summer : 36 questions play

Last week I was in the play 36 Questions — you asked a stranger 18 personal questions each, in front of an audience.

The first question was: which famous person would you invite to dinner?

I was stumped. So I just said, 'Well, I'm trying to think of something smart to say. The first name that came to mind was Hitler, then Gandhi, then a celebrity chef - because then they could cook.'
'You'd have Hitler to dinner?!,' she said.

On reflection I have thought of a few reasons why Hitler could be a good choice:
1. He's not going to be busy - who else is going to ask him to dinner?
2. He'd probably bring a good wine.
3. I could ask him for advice about not giving flying Füch about what people think of you.

The first question for M was, 'would you like to be famous?' She doesn't want to be famous. Pity, I could've invited her to my dinner party!

At the end of the performance you were required to stare at each other...

for four minutes...

I'm a pretty shy person, so this whole thing was pretty intense for me. I was trying to stay with it, during the stare. At one point I faltered, and thought of this:

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