Mar 13, 2016

Jesus and Mary Chain was playing Auckland last week. The Gig was sold out, but there's always room for one more. I figured that if I stood outside dressed as Jesus, I'd be able to get in...

But in the end I bought some tickets off Trademe - there was a sad backstory: a 15 year-old fan had been bought them for Christmas, but the gig was R18. Guttered. We offered to buy her some merch, but her mum didn't take up the offer.

There was curious merch incident behind us, during the gig. A 50 year-old guy took off his collared shirt, and a 22 year-old guy took off his Jesus and Mary Chain tee, and they swapped tops. I told someone that story, and they pondered who was being more generous? The guy giving the other one his merch shirt, or the guy giving away his nice blue shirt?


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