Mar 7, 2016

crazy summer : Laneway

Three of my favourite bands were playing Laneway, but I didn't want to buy a ticket. But the Fomo got me pretty bad on Laneway morning, the work I had to do nor the Bikram venue were good enough reasons to sit it out.

I decided to loiter outside the gates, listen to Battles and see if someone might want to sell their wristband. A guy walked up to his bike, which had fallen over and the chain had come off. I said to him, 'I've got a pen if it'll help?' Meaning he could use the pen to pull the chain back on and not get grease on his hands. But it must've seemed pretty random comment. Anyway the fact is you juts have to say something; turned out he was a new dad and was heading home early. I asked him if he wanted to go somewhere quieter? when we got down the alleyway I pulled out the razor blade and suggested he cut it off himself, so I didn't cut him. In the end he just tore it off and I gave him $40.

The way the wrist badn works is that you can see if it's been torn; it was pretty obvious there was a break in the seal when I showed it to the doorwoman, along with not having a pass out stamp. I told her it had got torn in the mosh. 'Do you have a paper ticket?' no. 'Do you have it on your email?' no. 'She said I was tearing her apart, she didn't know what to do. I thought it was pretty obvious what she should do - tell me to fuck off. Instead I said my mate who had bought 'my ticket' might be able to email me the e-ticket. When a friend did email me their ticket, I went back and got referred to the head bouncer. He looked me up and down and said, 'ok, we'll let you in... but can I check you bag first?" I went to open my bag, but realising I had a roll of tape and a razor blade, closed that compartment. 'What's in there?' he teased. Next he said, 'to be honest, the main reason I'm letting you in is that you're sober.' His kindness, the fact that he didn't humiliate me despite me breaking the rules, made me resolve to buy a ticket next year. I've won so many tickets or bought disco'd ones off Trademe, that I've lost my empathy for the fact that gigs and artists need money to play. That can be my Chinese New Year's resolution - buy some f'in tickets!! 

While I was waiting to buy a wristband outside Laneway a guy came up to me with a beer and started chatting. Two minutes later a cop came and booked him for drinking in public - she didn't enforce the fine, just warned him. She said to him, 'have you been inside?' 'No', he said, which was weird, given he was wearing his wristband etc. 'Oh inside the festival? Yes, I thought you meant in prison!!!', he said.
He had actually snuck into the gig, but was worried about how he was going to get one of his accomplices to pay up for the drugs he'd taken...

Anyway I got in and got to see Beach House. However I didn't achieve my goal for Laneway - to pash someone for the entire length of their set. I had had a break up the week before and maybe that was why I was so reluctant to go. I ran into two friends (a hetero couple, Stevie and Lex) at Beach House, and it occurred to me later that I should have just asked Stevie to pucker up. I ran into the woman I'd been a while after Beach House, but I was dying for a pee and she was with her mates going the other way.

After a pee, I got dinner and sat down to eat a salad. A few minutes later a guy and a girl sandwiched me, coming and sitting close on either side. We got talking, I said I thought they'd make a great couple, or is it too soon? The guy said it was too soon. Turns out they'd just met. The guy, who was 23, disappeared at some point, not to return. Katherine's mates appeared though and she started catching up with them. Katherine was staying in the same suburb as me, so along with writing down my phone number, I wrote down my address. Her friends came along and it looked like the only thing I gave her was my address. 
Anyway we're meant to go to yoga together sometime... we met up once to walk this dalmatian I was looking after, but he didn't want to get out of the car.

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