Mar 9, 2015

Sb story at the Watercooler

Last week I did a story at the amazing Storytelling evening, the Watercooler.
The Watercooler is the first Thurs of every month, at the Basement. Every session, there's a theme to the stories; last week it was the kindness of strangers.

Sam Te Kani spoke about his first Akl one night stand (he endorsed one night stands as a protest activity. Jess Holly Bates spoke about a guy giving her a place to stay in NYC, so she didn't have to commute for 2 hrs home. Roman Mereau spoke about when he was in Japan.

The story I told was about Robin - an acquaintance who used to walk up & down the road I live on. Friendship is  To take it to the next level, I would send him communiqu├ęs.

It started with a sign in the window:

Then I gave him a letterbox on the street, to send & receive parcels:

And I made a poster when I hadn't seen him for a while:

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