Nov 3, 2014

new phrase

I heard this, the other day on a tv show about a recovering drug addict, and his reintegration back into his notable family. It's the old, "that's what she said..."

I've actually used it, as well. I've been writing a book about my family. There are some events which don't flatter us. My aunt suggested that my grand mother would be mortified to see it in print. But I think another family would be unhappy for it to be elided. So I wrote to my aunt, quoting the tv show, 'as the Actress said to the Vicar, "let's get it all out in the open." '

Not sure how she'll respond, possibly she won't at all. But for what it's worth, I think we'd all be healthier if we could admit our imperfections. That we might have done things which people can shame us about - one defence of that is to admit what they're saying about you. 'The best disinfectant is sunlight', as they say. :)

Hopefully my grandmother isn't turning in her grave.

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