Oct 22, 2014

'do hold your breath'

Last week I got asked if I'd like to be filmed, doing this . . .

"Totally cool if you would rather not do it.. I would understand :)... I  have found a young indian boy who will be the stop watch timer so that should look cool."

They had me at "totally cool", I said, "yes." They were filming was a 'Talent Quest', for a music video. Someone asked me if holding my breath was actually my IRL thing?
I got an applause after taking the plunge, and we got it in one take. Maybe I do have a hidden talent?

However I'm not holding my breath to win the quest, and not only because we didn't film that scene. Some 10 year-old was doing back flips, plus they had a cape . . .

here's how the talent quest came out :

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