Oct 8, 2014

competition: what happened next?

Correctly guess what happened next, or imaginatively posit other scenarios, and go into win a prize! Post guesses below, along with your contact in case you win.
I acquired these giant champers bottles a few months ago. A man was walking thru the Freeman's Bay New World with a bottle in each hand. I ran up to him and asked him where got them from? Duh, he ran the wine department, but invited me to negotiate with him  . . . New World, Freeman's Bay is such a superior supermarket, you can guarantee this wouldn't happen in that other supermarket chain.
If this wasn't obvious, the bottles are empty - they're display ones. When we came to a price, I had to wheel what looked like $20k of champagne out of the supermarket - the wine managaer had to escourt me thru the check outs, #VIP.
I treasure these bottles, so you can understand why I'd start stacking them perilously on top of each other . . .

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