Sep 21, 2014

Best date #1

Judy recently described her best date:
I met this guy a couple of years ago. He was about to move to Oxford to do his PhD and I was about to move to Wellington. I think it was our third date I went over to his place and we were going to head up to Ponsonby Foodcourt for dinner but it was really rainy and awful so we decided to not go out after all. We stayed up talking in his room until 2am until we were super hungry. We went to the 24 hr supermarket on Dominion Road and bought a frozen pizza, 2 packets of chocolate oreos (on special) and a huge bottle of chocolate milk. We drove back and ate it in bed in our underwear and watched this terrible Charlie Sheen film.

It doesn't sound that great but I think it highlights that when you meet the right person you don't have to go anywhere or spend much money or even get dressed.

What's one of your best dates? This is another of Judy's faves:

It was more like a series of dates with my ex boyfriend. We would usually met up around dinner time and then amble down to the supermarket and have these faux fights about what ingredients to buy and what we were going to make for dinner. We would both go very over board on the coriander.

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