Jan 16, 2012

my new dating profile

I'm being positive, I've made it about compliments . .

I thought I would explain myself via some compliments that I've been paid.

'You would be well-dressed, for a man or a woman'
'Are you French?' -owner of an antique shop
someone called me 'pretty' on NY's day - even some pretty people aren't pretty on NY's day
'Still waters run deep' -my Form 2 teacher
'You're one of the most interesting people I've ever met' -ironically by someone who wasn't 'interested' in me, but it's still a nice thing to say
'I really like kissing you' -she wasn't so bad, herself!

How about you? Got any good compliments, lately?

Someone who complements me, who I can lavish with compliments. Things I would be delighted to compliment you about: your wit, charm, beauty . . how your laughter is like Champagne poured over ice . . I don't know, surprise me! I heard about someone being complimented about their eyebrows - I can't see myself complimenting you about those, but perhaps I've seriously underestimated your INCREDIBLE ~ ~ ?

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