Dec 4, 2011

cat heaven

I looked out my window the other night, and thought, 'Why is the cat sleeping in the middle of the road?' We found the owner, and through her, Lucien's name. She was really upset, obviously, but was holding it together, when she met the motorist. Then she called her boyfriend, and was like, 'LUCIEN'S FUCKING DEAD! COME HERE NOW!' Then she apologised to the motorist.

I was ready to pick him up and had some plastic bags and a cardboard box. She picked him up and wrapped him in a towel, for his trip to cat heaven.

The other neighbours have an identical tuxedo cat to Lucien, called Elsa. I used to joke that they were going around together. Once Elsa came to see us in my house, and Lucien was looking thru the cat door, all like 'hey! what's going on in there?'  But they must've broken up since then, because it was always awkward when they ran into each other lately. Not too hissy, they just seemed awwwkward. I hope that's not why he was crossing the road . .

I'll miss you, Lucien, your rhombus face waiting at the bottom of my stairs. Elsa will, too.


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