Oct 4, 2010

Tiffany's uniforms

here are shots of the uniform for Tiffany's.

starting at the top and working down the uniform features:

 a biker jacket cut out of a towel bath robe. there are two variations, i'm modelling the one which has a zip that opens to one's heart! these were designed by Kareen, who is a genius. Kareen doesn't have a phone at the moment, which is quite good because i can't send off fully double rainbow messages every time i look across at them.

i was thinking about embroidery, but instead have settled on school badges. there are some hilarious ones to choose from, like rhythmic gymnastics, ball committee, body image leader, drama leader etc. as well as some Sb ones, commissioned specifically.

the ties are in fact Malinche scarves from Mexico, so versatile. they're thanks to Mali, la Reina de las Bumfadas! the ties totally tip the jackets over the edge!

and the pants are pj bottoms from MacPherson for Men.

thanks so much Kareen & Mali!

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