Aug 5, 2010

Dear Venture Fund:

hi Eloise & Belinda:

I've had an idea, and thought I'd pitch it to you.

I remember at the award presentation last year Tony said that no one was allowed to leave without buying one of the Andrew MacDonald's tees.
I have designed a product with an entrepreneurial theme, and I'd love to sell it at the award evening. It could also work as a prize for the award entrants.

The design is called 'Moneybags', pic attached. It has Sb's characteristic wit & simplicity, and will retail for $30. I'm toying with the idea of making it out of bank deposit bags, but will probably use a high quality tote bag.

I think it would add to the evening to have one of last year's contestants demonstrating entreprenurship, with a product developed at AUT. I envisage having a table outside the room, and would not be detracting from the main event. Aside from the design being clever, I like the idea of a niche pop-up store that only sells one product, to a targeted demographic.

What do you think?

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