Jun 14, 2010

dear Sam & Jude:

hi Sam & Jude:

thanks so much for finally getting the ice ice baby ice tray thru. it's been a long road, it's almost two years since i sent you that, so thanks for carrying it through. anyway it looks great, it breathes life into my original depiction on page 6 of attached pdf. who knew that two products would come from such a humble pdf?

i guess you've been  under pressure  at work, so you haven't sent me the paperwork yet. my address is still the same for when you do. or you can just email me it. alternatively my mother is in London at the moment, if she could come and sign on my behalf. i assume it's standard 5%. can you also add my name under the design credits on the website and packaging? i'd love a copy for my freezer if you have time to send me one.

thanks so much for getting this made. did Vanilla (etc) give their permission personally?

i sent you a letter on another matter last week, please let me know when you receive that.

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