Jun 29, 2010

Dear the Pond:

hey Leighton & Clinton:

i had a question i wanted to ask you. originally we agreed that i would be able to pay Pond membership as i went, as in pay it off thru Pond work. but i decided to pay the membership bill when i got sent it, thinking that i would get some work thru to pay it off soon enough.

i've only had $140 of work in the past 12 months. i'm not complaining, if anyone knows how hard it is to get writing work it's me. and i appreciate the efforts you've made to promote my work. but i was wondering if it would be possible to revert to the original arrangement? ie for me to be refunded the membership fee - $140.

again i'm not criticising you guys, i love the Pond concept and want to be part of the collective. however i feel that paying the membership fee by working it off makes more sense in my case.

I'm working on a few new Sb concepts at the moment, so i'll send them thru when they're done. there is also an article about Sb in the latest NO magazine, the Pond gets mentioned in it. also this product, designed by me, David Bowie, Freddy Mercury, etc., has just been released.

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