May 23, 2010

unsent email

when's your collaboration debuting? i'd like to see it.
i noticed that your musician partner came to DoC but i think  you'd left by then. like tag teaming at DoC, good teamwork!

what sort of music will Callum by playing at his night?

ps  i saw a good colab at the Readers&Writers, this guy who writes in a team, one chapter alternately.

you'd prob also like this if you want to borrow:

I was on a date and Megan was meeting a guy last Saturday night. funny coincidence. at one point I heard her laugh drift across from the booth next behind me, us.  I felt a little jealous, like I wanted to make her laugh, but I had a really nice night with a beautiful girl. Later we saw each other at DoC, I didn't talk to her and I guess she didn't want to walk in on our date. Or maybe everyone felt unoriginal. I wonder if I'll see the girl again. I like her, she's sweet, and maybe a kind relationship would suit everyone. I mean what a babe, a babes really, and to see glimpses of a very kind, slightly vulnerable girl. She was really nice. There was a point when we were talking about death and she said 'I always end up talking about death.' Later in the evening we didn't talk so much, a little drunk, I tried to catch her eyes across the table a couple of times. Her friend drove me home, she hugged me good as we parted,

Am I meant to do something now? i thought of making her that pillow case. Or telling her that the music box she gave me can lull me softly to sleep. Or writing her a letter to say how great she is. She has amazing hair, she's moral but in advertising, wow fashion, loves music, lovely friends, loves adventure, is pescatarian . .


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