May 23, 2010

Dear Venture Fund:

hi Eloise, Tony & Belinda:

Sorry to hear, but you must have ten great candidates lined up. I look forward to seeing what their ideas are. I'll look into that entrepreneurship paper.

Again I just wanted to say how much going through the process last year has really helped me to think more commercially about my ideas. Evidence of this was at 9am on Sunday morning when I delivered my first breakfast. Breakfast-in-bed is my new service on weekend mornings, feel free to send around the attached menu. Without going through the business planning, pitching session and RogenSi course, it might still be a glint in the Sensitive boyfriend's eye.

I hope the Venture Fund process is as enriching. literally and otherwise, for the finalists as it was for me.

Sensitive boyfriend

ps put this in your diaries for the 24th of July. I'm launching a new collection I've been developing at it. .
My interview for it two posts down.

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