May 2, 2010

Dear the Pond:

the best sign I saw at the protest was
"Mining is great . . in Australia"

one other self-promotey idea i had:
an American artist I really like was the artist-in-residence at a corporation for 2 months. the work he came up with a live stream of the magnificent view from the CEO's corner office, on the company's internal website, so that all the employees could see it too.

perhaps as a Pond promotion, you could offer some of the agencies an artist-in-residence for a week? if there are any other artist/advertisers on your books. i know fashionable London agency St Lukes used to have one.

basically they would just have to give the me a desk to work from. in return they could give their staff a presentation about my work, and help in any group brainstorming sessions. if they wanted to commission an inexpensive work from me for the agency, to be made in that week, that could be arranged.


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